Determinants of Health (DoH) Essay

This paper is about understanding health and how to improve health. The conditions or experiences in which we live our

lives, affect our health. These conditions, also known as Social Determinants of Health (DoH), are more important than

medical treatments or lifestyle choices in shaping our health. For example, how long we will live, whether or not we

will develop chronic diseases, or how we raise our children. It is important for the nurse to understand the health of

an individual in a broad way and in the context of these social determinants. Nurses provide interventions to help

improve a patients DoH, thus aiding in improving their health.

Synopsis: Provide an overview of the health of a selected family from the Canadian Neighbourhood, identify and explain

how 3 DoH are negatively affecting the family, and identify and explain how 2 areas of health promotion would benefit

the family
References: minimum four references.
Kozier textbook can be one. The other three should include: another text or journal of your choice or a reputable web

based site.
Develop and demonstrate an understanding of determinants of health and the impact on a chosen familys health status.
Demonstrate knowledge of basic health promotion concepts.
Demonstrate effective written communication skills.

1)Choose a family from Canadian neighborhood.
a)Briefly describe the family.
2)Discuss three DoH relevant to the family.
a)Provide a brief overview (definition, statistics, explanation) of the DoH.
b)Use specific examples from Canadian Neighborhood to prove why these are relevant DoH.
3)Identify 2 specific health promotion topics that are relevant for the family.
a)Include why you chose your specific topics of health promotion relating it to one or more of the identified DoH