Discuss HRM practice in different regions.

Human Resource Management :
The paper should be approximately 5 pages, double spaced in a 12 point font
using a consistent formatting approach, such as MLA. References are required and should be
included at the end of the paper. Relying too much on the company website as a reference will
result in a reduction of points. Also relying on websites such as Wikipedia or blogs will result
in a reduction of points. References from business periodicals, newspapers, academic journal
articles, and the like are viewed favorably.
Choose a company (profit or non-profit, privately-held or publicly-traded) and research
how this particular organization manages between THREE and FIVE (depending on number of
group members – one topic per member) (1) training and development.
should offer recommendations on how the company can improve its HRM functions. No
company is perfect, so recommendations should be critical evaluations, incorporating best
HRM practices discussed in class.The recommendation should be at the end of the research paper as paprgrph.

The company going to be Walmart and about the (training and development department).