Employed by heaven, doomed to hell

Project instructions:
It is a group project…about the movie “Constantine”, with Keanu Reeves.
What I need it is the introduction, conclusion and the abstract. That it is what I suppose to do for this project.
The abstract can not have more then 100 words. Then the introduction and conclusion can range, each of them, between 100-140 words.
The outline for this project looks like this:

I. Introduction
C. It is easy to deny danger than to face it. Denying don?t make go away
D. transition about The movie Constantine: A master of a dark art fighting to change people lives as an excuse for finding his death; A soul trying to find a way out

II.Summary (important plot points that show Constantine an antihero)
A. he exercises demon from Filipino kid
B. his meeting with Angela
C. discussion with Gabriel
D. he goes to hell to help Angela with her sister
E. tub scene (almost drowning Angela to get her powers)
F. him sacrificing himself to save Angela
G. transition into definition of antihero

III. Definition of antihero
A. anatomy of archetype
1. characteristics
a) loner
b) antisocial
c) rebellious
d) deeply flawed
e) reflects societies higher values
f) shows no remorse for bad behaviors
2. function
a) represents a combination of good and evil
b) shows real human nature (no hero is black and white)
c) he has to sacrifice himself
B. how Constantine fits this archetype
1. examples of behavior (reviews and the exact instant in the movie used as examples) green review
a) antisocial : rejects Hennesy use purple review
b) selfish: library scene with Gabriel, choosing to die is selfish, exercises demons to get redemption not to help people, he smokes even though he knows he has cancer.
c) reckless : smoking habit, cynical, tub scene, mirror scene
( Born with a gift he didn?t want, the ability to recognize the half-breed angels and demons that walk the earth in human camouflage, Constantine was driven to take his own life to escape the tormenting clarity of his vision.

Constantine is no saint. Increasingly disillusioned by the world around him and at odds with the one beyond, he?s a hard-living bitter hero who scorns the very idea of heroism. Constantine will fight to save your soul but he

doesn?t want your admiration or your thanks and certainly not your sympathy. —-by Chris Monroe
Constantine is dark, edgy, action packed, and funny. He is scary creepy, imaginative, and generally he has a bad attitude. Perfect example of an anti-hero. The wicked sense of humor helps break the tension. — reviewed by

Scott Chitwood
Constantine as a chain-smoking?(the scene when the doctor look at his X-rays-never a good sign in a superhero movie); depressed demon hunter. —- Review by Roger Elbert
Constantin seems more inconstant than constant regarding his final destiny. A terminal disease will eventually claim his life and seal his fate, than his purpose on earth will be terminated?but maybe is a hope for him and humanity.

—- Review by Chris Monroe )
First and foremost, “Constantine” is pretty sacrilegious at times—by Scott Chitwood
John as a dark, selfish, disturbed character prone to cursing and basic scum-bag behavior; a premiere exorcist who?s trying to send enough demons back to hell to buy his way into heaven — by www.cinemablend.com/reviews
Constantine seems more inconstant than constant regarding his final destiny. Hell wants him. Heaven won?t take him. Earth needs him. Reviewed by: Chris Monroe

IV. Psychology of Constantine
A. Why he does what he does
1. His powers are unwanted, the responsibility proves too much blue review
a) his suicide at a young age
b) his lack of empathy and care while exercising the demon from the little girl ? he looks disgusted and he still carries his cigarette without caring.
c) all his bad characteristics stem from his unwanted powers
2. his cynical and reckless personality
a) red review
b) yellow review
3. despite reason one, he does want to live (human nature)
a) He asks Gabriel to give him another chance to live.
b) Human part of him wants to live, this shows more towards the end of the movie
c) He has seen hell and he prefers staying alive as long as possible to delay his faith.
d) He finds a person like him so he can share his misery.
B. Choices he makes and how they?re affected by his background?
1. He wants to help Angela, because he doesn’t want to live the same misery he did.
2. He has to work for heaven to redeem himself because of his young suicide.
3. His sacrifice for Angela, because he likes her. This is his human nature showing himself.
4. He stops smoking after he is redeemed for a third time.
5. Transition into conclusion

V. Conclusion
A. mentioning that anti-heroes need to sacrifice
B. Ending quote: ?Some people are born to make a difference. I had to die. Twice.? (basically he knows that he is an antihero and it took him three tries to become the traditional hero)
C. ?I guess there’s a plan for all of us. I had to die – twice – just to figure that out. Like the book says, He works His work in mysterious ways. Some people like it. Some people don?t.”