Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction

Evaluate the sustainability of your shelter design.

Project description
Aims and objectives
The aim of this assignment is to produce a sustainability assessment of your 102CAB building design.
1. Assess the relative environmental impact of your structure using the BRE Green Specification Guide.
2. Describe any low-carbon technology used, and assess its impact on the sustainability of your design.
3. Describe the impact of the construction and demolition of your design.


Using the appropriate construction specification from the BRE Green Specification Guide, assess the environmental
impact of the components of your structure highlighting any particularly low or high environmental impacts.
Select one low-carbon technology that you have included in your design. Research how it works and its likely
contribution to your design, explaining the benefits and reasons for its inclusion.
Finally, consider the construction and demolition processes required for your building. Assess the likely impact on the
local environment and what measures could be taken to mitigate the impact.
You are strongly encouraged to make full use of the literature available for you in the library (including electronic
publications/journals) and any reliable online information. The references you use must be indicated in the text and
a full list of your references must be presented at the end of your report in CU Harvard Referencing Style.


the shelter will be in friday island in summer for 3 months

for my shelter im using plywood for everything and connecting them together with Butt Joints and scarf joints and i have windows but im not sure what the best materials i can choose

low carbon will be the solar panels and will locate in the rooftop of the shelter

the essay style

literature review
results : report will include
the environmental
impact analysis of
your structure
using the BRE
Green Specification
Guide and a
description of the
construction and

discussion:will explain
the rationale for
the analysis.