Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Use a given case study (video or traditional) to hypothetically identify, create and exploit an opportunity.

Rationale for Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is not only to develop the students? understanding of entrepreneurship in a South-South context but also in an opportunity-centred manner whereby students will be expected to use entrepreneurial and other tools gained from other pathway modules (strategy, finance etc.) to analyse how a given business opportunity can be identified and exploited within the context of a developing or South-South enterprise.

Understand the entrepreneurial landscape of developing economies and the application of appropriate tools to analyse the identification and exploitation opportunities. It also provides a platform for the students to bring together knowledge gained from other modules to buttress their understanding of entrepreneurship in general and to improve on their analytical skills. It is also intended to develop the students? ability to work as part of a team.


1) Using an opportunity of your choice identified in an emerging economy context :
a. Assess macro and micro environment of your opportunity highlighting the major threats and entrepreneurial opportunities within this context. It is advisable to identify and evaluate specific macro and micro factors that might support your decision to select an emerging economy. E.g. The role of government (policy), non-governmental and international organizations in creating a pro-entrepreneurial environment. Clearly indicate the challenges that entrepreneurs face/ might encounter in the development/creation and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities in emerging economies (10%)
b. From your answer provided above, using appropriate models, critically evaluate the macro and micro environment, citing the benefits and weaknesses of the models used. (20%)
c. Briefly describe your vision, the opportunity concept, and your strategy. What is your vision for the business? What is the significant problem, want or need that it will solve. (20%)
d. How your assessment of an opportunity would be affected by greater market imperfection in the emerging economies. (20%)
e. Give a summary of the criteria that you may have to use to evaluate your opportunity. (20%)

f. Draw a conclusion and make recommendations based on your key findings. (10%)