Film History,Dudley Andrew’s “An Atlas of World Cinema,”

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1. Please use the sources I provided only.

2. Full essay title: Read Dudley Andrew’s “An Atlas of World Cinema,” Pay special attention to the section, titled “Linguistic Maps.” Andrew claims,
“In West African film, in the Korean hit Chunhyang (Im Kwon-Taek, 2001), in Kenji Mizoguchi’s long-take theatrical mise-en-scene, the cinema grafts rather than mulches

cultural roots. The cohabitation of this (European) medium and local traditions produces compromise film forms that are often hybrid and ambivalent as the subjects

that such movies represent.” (p. 22)

Use HOU Hsiao-hsien’s The Puppet Master, which depicts the life of puppet master Li Tianlu, and discuss the extent to which Hou incorporates the traditions of various

cultural forms depicted in his film, or even violates their traditions. You may consider several performance scenes that appear in the film, and analyze how each scene

may or may not violate the tradition of puppet shows. If it does, what kind of purpose is it serving?