Financial statement

Financial statement

Review the Financial Management rubricPreview the documentView in a new window to understand more detailed expectations for this assignment.
Search the company’s website for an annual report or other source of financial information for the company. Pay special attention to accessing the Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and Income Statement. Make sure you are using the most recent ANNUAL numbers (or the end of the fiscal year for the Statement of Cash Flows).
Copy and Paste the financial statements into the appropriate worksheet within the Excel template (use appropriate excel spreadsheet tab). Make sure the resulting document is easy to read and understand (one piece of information per cell, columns are expanded to show all text and numbers, etc.). Alternatively, you may download the financial statements as individual graphics, one per page.
Calculate the following financial ratios using formulas in Excel:
Current Ratio
Acid-test Ratio
Debt to owner’s equity Ratio
Return on sales
Return on equity
Note: It is important to use the formulas for the ratios in the Excel template. I will be using these to ensure that you used the proper calculations. It will also help me to understand where potential errors may have arisen.

Evaluate the above ratios based on the following:
Determine the normal levels for each ratio and compare them to the figures calculated. Can you make assessments of the financial stability of this organization based on these ratios? How does this information help to establish a clear picture of the business from a financial aspect? Make sure to be detailed in your response.

Identify specific company competitors or locate industry-specific information for the appropriate industry.

Identify specific company competitors or locate industry-specific information for the appropriate industry.
Compare the financial performance of your company with the performance of its competitors or industry.
Save the completed assignment file as “[company name] Financials.xls” (or “.xlsx” if using MS Excel 2007 or 2010). Make sure to replace [company name] with your company’s real name
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