Group Dynamics

1. How learning about group behavior is relevant to your current reality and serve to prepare you for the future in working with others more effectively?
2. List the specific interpersonal communication challenges that you would like to work on
3. Prioritize the items (from question 2) from first most important to second, third, etc.
4. Write down all these items in rank order and rate how much each item has been an issue/challenge for you in the past week or month.


I have been working with my fellow students on a science project for about a month now. It has been very exciting – for the most part, but we have also had a fair share of disagreements amongst ourselves too. The experience has taught me a lot on how to deal with other people around me, to reach a compromise in a way we both feel respected and achieve our goals.  I believe this will help me in future to understand other peoples work dynamic, save time by avoiding arguments and make working with others a fun experience all together.

I think the main challenge has been communication. So what qualities about me do I really need to work on? On a scale of 1-7, with 1= Not at all and 7= Maximum Possible, how much of a challenge have they been?

My patience – 6

Being patient with my team has really been difficult. I want to learn to give them ample time and space to finish their share of work and hope they stick to the deadlines.

My aggression -6

I want to be able to pass my ideas across in a manner that accommodates other people’s opinion more. I will try to be assertive when doing so. Not aggressive. I will also try harder to put their ideas into consideration than I have been doing.

My Courage -5

I ruined three experiments because I didn’t have the courage to ask the technician for advice. For all the remaining experiments, I will gather courage to ask for clarification on areas that I don’t understand.

My organization skills -4

I have lost several pages of my work which has set my team back a few steps. I will buy a file after class. I want to be able to file all the remaining pages by evening to avoid a repeat of this.

With these changes I hope we will all have an easier time completing our project.




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