How can Chinese students adjust to American education system.

Paper Guidelines
To demonstrate what you have learned through EDU T & L 1902 you will have the opportunity to write a 5-6 pages (2000 words max) research paper. Special care should be given to smoothly integrate the secondary source material into the body paragraphs using paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting of your sources.

At least 5-6 pages of 12 point size text must be written with 1.5 spacing between lines. (Note: This word count does not include the reference page or title page). ! A separate title page and reference page need to be included and all text needs to be formatted in APA style. ! Use at least four references within your text. Your sources will need your instructor’s final approval. Choose quality sources coming from sources such as database articles, books, newspapers, and magazines. ! In-text citations must include a minimum of three quotes, three paraphrases, and a summary. Select sources from research database: Academic Search Complete from 2000- 2015

Research Question
Talk about the different education system in university between China and America.
Main ideas (body paragraphs)
1. Talk about different education mode of university in U.S. and China.
2. You should talk about the strength and weakness of both systems do a compare and contrast.
3. How can Chinese students adjust to American education system.

You must follow the main ideas to write this paper!!