initiative and professionalism

1. At CoBA, we place great importance in values, initiative and professionalism. Describe one example of how you have demonstrated these qualities.
2. What are your career aspirations? How will your education at CoBA help you achieve them?
Why this is the right time for you to pursue an MBA?
3. Describe an occasion when you built or developed a team.
4. Describe an experience when you felt most effective as a leader.
5. Describe a situation when you successfully reached a goal or completed a task that was challenging, difficult, or frustrating.
I n s t r u c t io n s:
• Use a 12-point font, double space
• Please stay within the limit of words indicated: 250 words per essay maximum – One of most valuable skills in business is to be able to communicate in a precise and concise manner.
• Indicate which essay question you are answering at the beginning of each essay