Internet Assignment





Internet Assignment






Internet assignment

  1. com (2012) is public company that started as a books store and has grown to diversify its products so as to involve videos, DVDs, CDS, food, furniture among others. The company has grown in e-commerce and its success has been attributed to the global strategy and activities that it undertakes.

The internet has made it possible for global channels to rise. This is in addition to the regional channels that are there hence leading to a worldwide pricing, terms of trade among others. The channels have made Amazon to complete its networks making it a global channel.

There has been a viable global market with the help of the internet. Several companies like Amazon use global and not national marketing. Its effect is that it can reach a wide size of the population due to its common interaction method (Yip, 2000). It has a demanding global market; amazon uses a global brand name which is the largest river.

  1. (2012) is a company that is based in the duty of provided credit services to businesses and financial institutions. This is meant to help these sectors of the country in meeting its objectives. The company offers loans, mortgages, credit cards insurance in homes and auto, utility and phone accounts.

The company helps its clients to fight for their rights. The company leverages the rights of the clients to be involved in credit processes. It makes efforts to do away with negative issues related to credit reports hence saving costs on financial issues, since the interest rates are connected to the credit. teaches on ways to improve credit. The company introduces one to chances that create a better credit; they are valid and will help to improve credit with the help of the leadership of the company. The company similarly offers trade line acquisition; these are credit cards. This help to elevate confidence in seeking for credit. Customization of the solutions is used to help the businesses and financial institutions to fit in the credit goals. then helps to maximize the credit value over some time.


Ebay is an online auction company that has grown in the internet market. It has about 48 million members and is the most rigid internet company currently used by a big population. The company offers a wide range of services that help the clients. Ebay uses ‘bulk list’ on the auction that aims to manage time and make it possible for it to be done smoothly. The company additionally offers a detailed description of the items for the bidder to have a great imagination like he or she was there. The description is quite enticing so as to appeal to the buyer. The company has a well operative feedback mechanism, where the clients get an instant feedback (Krishnamurthy, 2004). This goes on to create a good network between the company and buyer. Moreover, payment options for the bidders is made in a way that is easy; they agree to checks, money orders, credits and debit cards using PayPal, Billpoint or other accounts. I have not been involved in any auctioneering with eBay.

Quality Assurance: These are measures that are applied so as to make sure and evaluate that the information acquired is of good quality. It is modeled so as to make sure that the data collected connects with the data quality objectives.

The first quality assurance measure applied is training so as to make sure that all of the staff is well equipped with skills that will ensure quality is acquired. The trainees undergo workshops that will develop their skills. This is followed by documentation of the processes that take place in the company, a process known as a chain of custody. Quality control and assessment involve internal and external checks and computation of precision in the control steps respectively. The quality control measures include: standard deviation, coefficient variation among others.

  1. Ebay and competitor comparison

eBay competitors like, and have a vast base of strategies that help to build their companies to what they are at present. Their strategies may vary and be similar in more ways than one.

In similarity between eBay and the competitors, security of the website, the competitors of uses a safe https protocol in its operations. This offers the site a secure base which hinders malicious software from accessing the site. On the other hand eBay similarly uses a safe mechanism in addition to this with keen rules and policies. The sites charge varied prices on their good depending on the product, period and demand. Similarly, the shipping rates and policies are global.

Contrastingly, the growth strategy has varied (Krishnamurthy, 2004). Amazon began as a bookseller and started shipping books. The company later grew to other products hence started to sell them over the internet. The same goes for and shopgoodwill which grew to wider markets. (2012) on the other hand has been keen on service provision. It started to buy other companies like and has since grown.




  1. WalMart and Amazon

WalMart and Amazon match in terms of the way they pay. The two pay through cash on delivery. In terms of security, the two sites have acquired a safe and secure method. WalMart is safeguarded by a high-grade encryption which is same to Amazon and is keen to delicate data.

              Electronic payment method: The uses the electronic Pay Card which allows the payment to be taken from the card with no account (Yip, 2000). It is safe, secure and reliable. As for, it uses clearXchnage that does not need the recipient’s bank number and is safe. (2012) uses manager’s cheques or electronic Funds Transfers. This method is safe, limits errors and has limited risks. Lastly there is which uses the Quickpay system that is fast and safe.















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