Just paraphrase the answer. I need itto be done in 1 hour and half

Just paraphrase the answer. I need itto be done in 1 hour and half

1. Speculate asto what manufacturing techniques are used to produce

the Lego block. Make reasonable guesses and explain you reasoning.

Lego blocks are made using the injection moulding method. Lego is made

of plastic knows asthermoplastic. EGO bricks start out as granulated acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a type of shiny plastic. The
ground ABS comes in different colors, including white, black, blue, grey, green, light grey, red, and yellow. Plastic granules are heated
until they liquefy then injected in metal moulds in which plastic cools down and solidify into a brick or any other shape. It is important

that each brick is accurately moulded so that they will all fit together.

Seen here is an up-close shot of the mould used to make a

three-stud LEGO brick. The heav y moulds use a great deal of force to form the melted ABS into the shape of a brick.

2. Notice that the

block has internal rib s. (Did you include them in your drawing?) What isthe purpose ofthese ribs? Why are they located where they


Ye s, the block had an internal rib. Butl did not include the internal ribs on my drawing. The purpose ofthem isthat when the mold

opens all the bricks and the sprue will keep solidly connected to the core side ofthe mold,to be ejected from there b an automatic system
(an ejector plate which freesthe parts from the mold and, at the same time, cutsthe sprue,le av ing only the rib mark{.

3. Estimate the

volume of material used to manufacture the Duplo block. How did you come to your estimate?

The building blocks are eight times bigger in

volume than the standard ego brick siZe and double its dimensions.

4. Is the part perfectly symmetrical? Are the thicknesses consistent

across surfaces?

Basic Lego bricks are full of 90 degree angles, but finished products aren’t limited to square s. With enough 90 degree

angtl’e‘s close enough together, you can make objects that incorporate spheres and curves. With enough bricks, you can build pretty much
any mg.

5. The interior of the part has marking. How Were these marking created?

Some molds have ejector pins in them. These are long

rods symmetrically arranged that thrustforward after the mold has opened and the part is cold enough, and eject the bricks. Again, the face
of the pins contact the brick during the plastic injection process, leaving circular imprints

5. Comment on which block features and

dimkensions may be critical from a manufacturing point of view (hypothesiZe on how the blocks are made and whatwould make a block easy
ma e

The thickness of the block,the diameter of the holes in which other blocksfit in isthe critical dimensions from a manufacturing

point of view

7. Comment aboutwhat blockfeatures and dimensions are critical form the functional point of view (e.g., interaction when

used with other blocks)

Lehgo blocksmareInot a toy, but instead a “system of play”. This meant that all Lego blocks Were compatible with all