Nelson Mandela’s main leadership method/quality

Nelson Mandela’s main leadership method/quality
Paper instructions:
Please give examples of how Mandela used the main method/ quality.
Please include the terms “despite” and “even though”.



7.In “Song of Myself”, Whitman writes: “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, / And what I assume you shall assume, / For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you” (1-3). Explain how one text read this semester illustrates, challenges or questions the democratic principle expressed by Whitman.


8.According to Baym, one of the core purposes of literary Modernism is to represent the difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible “transformation of traditional society under the pressures of modernity”. Pick one character whose life or one text whose world could be described in these terms. Make sure to identify/discuss what “pressures of modernity” are present.


9.Make an argument that one text read this semester provides the central key to your understanding of American literature after the Civil War. The text you select should not only have merit in its right but should provide some insight about the era and literature that came before it, that occurred at the same time as it and will come after it.
Each response has to be a lengthy paragraph and include detail from the texts being discussed (even use excerpts from the texts being discussed). I have until sunday at 7am, so the time limit would be late tonight (before sunday at 6AM here). If there is a time difference between us, it is 11:11AM here. The paging I think will take 1 – 1.5 pages.

Thank you so much for your time.