OH Squat & SL Squat

OH Squat & SL Squat
Please watch the two videos of the OH Squat and SL Squat and discuss what you see. Please point out how this client is moving and what muscles are tight and weak? Please keep in mind to provide "thorough" rationales for your thoughts and also state some exercises that you may have this athlete do. Support your claims with Research.
Please click on the links: OH Squat- www.screencast.com/t/PiNi8cBj
Next, watch the following video: SL Squat- www.screencast.com/t/Ui3UKTtZOWg

The above links will be used as references.

The movement application chart can be an excellent tool for determining the tight and weak (overactive and underactive)muscles observed in an OH Squat and SL Squat. This solutions table also has corrective exercises to implement for your client. I have uploaded the movement application charts.