Poultry enterprise

Poultry enterprise

Enterprise Journal Details;

Enterprise Journal or Proposal: Poultry Production Enterprise

These notes provide details for the format and structure of your major assignment.

Overview The purpose ofthis major assessment item is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the

knowledge from the different topics to the development of proposal to establish a Poultry Production Enterprise.

You can choose to focus on a meat enterprise.

In addition, you can either focus on a project that is related to your own workplace or you can create a hypothetical situation.

To be successful in this project it is essential that you maintain a weekly journal which documents what you have learned and understood with respect to each ofthe modules.

The following notes provide details for the structure of your proposal.
Summary: a one page overview ofthe proposal and funding request.

Industry Justification: a substantiated rationale (i.e. based on current literature) for your choice of poultry enterprise.

Genetics and Breeding: justify the breed of poultry you will require for your enterprise,

including genetic background.

Production, Management and Welfare: provide details ofthe processes you will put in place to ensure the

overall welfare of your stock, including information on the environment.

Nutrition: document the strategies you will put in place for

ensuring best-practices in feeding.

Health and Diseases: document the strategies you will adopt to maintain the health and prevent disease

of your stock.

Microbiology and Production: document any biological factors that have specific relevance to the success of your


Product Quality and Safety: propose the means by which you will ensure the competitive quality of your product and bring the enterprise to market.

Project Plan: provide a general plan for the implementation of your enterprise, should your funding proposal be


Budget: present a budget that will allow for the establishment, stocking and maintenance for your enterprise until it becomes profitable.

provide an annotated list ofthe references used to inform your decision-making in establishing the proposal.