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Literature Review – Professional development

My research topic is about refugees who are resettled in the United States and discuss parent-teenagers relationship during acculturation process and how these factors affect the refugee teenagers’ psychological wellbeing. I attach 20 articles about this subject please use them as only reference.

The literature review has to be divided into 4 sections, each section has to have introduction, for example you will provide a brief explanation about development stage of teenager and the factors influence their psychological wellbeing. You will continue the topic with the information that you found in article. I want you add p value in my paper which you will find in peer review articles that I attach. Please use in text citation in APA format.

• Developmental stage of adolescence (newly immigrant) and risk of mental health problem

• The impact of acculturation on immigrant teenagers’ psychology

Reflecting on the attach articles define acculturation and how it have impact on teen psychological well being.

• Role/relationship of immigrant parents have towards teenagers during acculturation process

There are researches about the relationship between parent and teenagers/youths in the immigrant communities. I want you to state how the relationship effect teenagers’ psychologically

• Summery and conclusion