Professionalism in Nursing

Professionalism in Nursing

Story telling and narratives are an effective way to gain an awareness or insight into personal knowing by considering the experiences of individuals. “Narrative helps us to hear the hearts of the persons who come to our care as well as helps us hear our own hearts.” (Nisker, 2004, p. 294).
This assignment requires you to explore concepts that exemplify professionalism in nursing practice by reading stories written by Tilda Shalof, a Registered Nurse. Below you will find a list of examples of some concepts that are considered part of professional nursing practice.
Responsibility Accountability Advocacy
Professional Caring Respect Privacy
Truthfulness Client well-being Knowledge
Leadership Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship Mutuality
Person-centered care

This assignment will enable students to:
1. Identify and describe concepts that demonstrate professionalism in nursing practice.
2. Using examples from the book identify 3 concepts that are part of professionalism in nursing practice and describe what they mean according to relevant nursing literature.
3. Develop the ability to express thoughts and ideas in written scholarly format, consistent with the criteria for academic scholarly papers. Refer to the BScN Program Handbook Guidelines for Grading Scholarly Papers
Nisker, J. (2004). Narrative ethics in health care. In J. Storch, P. Rodney, R. Starzomski (Eds.). Toward a moral horizon (pp. 285-309). Toronto, Canada: Pearson Prentice Hall

This assignment is completed in two parts. Read at least the first three narratives (chapters) from the book listed below and write an essay synopsis and a final complete scholarly essay.
Selected Book: Read at least the first 3 chapters from:
Shalof, T. (2004). A nurse’s story: Life, death and in between in an
intensive care unit. Toronto, ON: McClelland and Stewart.

There are 2 components to this assignment.
Part 1: Synopsis of Scholarly Essay:
(Synopsis: short paragraphs giving a view of the whole)
For completion of this component, the student will:
1. Read at least the first three narratives (chapters) from the selected book and choose 3 concepts from given list.
2. Develop a synopsis of your scholarly essay: Included: Introduction, 3 paragraphs, Conclusion (See grading criteria for synopsis)
Part 2: Final Version of Scholarly Essay
For completion of this component, the student will:
1. From the 3 concepts associated with professionalism in nursing practice that have been identified in the synopsis, describe what each concept means to you.

3. Discuss how each concept has been illustrated in Shalof’s professional practice stories. Describe what these concepts mean according to nursing related literature. Using course readings and relevant nursing literature to support your ideas, discuss how and why these examples from the novel reflect each of the 3 concepts associated with professionalism in nursing practice.
Suggested use of literature from the College of Nurses of Ontario and the Registered Nurse’s Association of Ontario.
3. Discuss the ways in which your readings and what you have learned from your courses and experiences has informed your personal views of the chosen concepts at this stage in your professional journey compared to when you began in September.