Sexuality experience

Sexuality experience

The purpose of the paper is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect on your own sexual history, past sexual experiences, and your development as a sexual being. You will assess your past, present, and projected future sexual behaviors, sources for sexual information and training you have received, and your attitudes towards your own sexuality and the factors that influenced its development. This type of writing assignment may be difficult at first. You need to evaluate yourself and others of significance in your life honestly and realistically. If you can discuss your feelings openly (in writing) you may experience a reduction of fear and embarrassment, you may develop new understanding and appreciation of your own behavior and/or that of someone else close to you, and you may find solutions or alternatives to meet the requirements of your own situation.


DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME OR ANY IDENTIFYING NUMBER ON THE PAPER. Instead, place your name on a small piece of paper and STAPLE it to the manuscript. After your paper is collected, the slip with your name will be detached, it will be recorded, and the slip will be destroyed. The slip of paper is used ONLY to determine who completes the assignment (so you will get credit for it). You will NOT be identified with your paper and the instructor will be the only person permitted to see it. The papers will be destroyed once the course has been completed. The paper must be typed and should be at least two pages long. Make a copy of your paper because it will not be returned to you, and because you will be asked to compare this first paper with another you complete at the end of the course.

Suggested topics

Relationships with parents, siblings, and other significant family or household members, and how they influenced your sexuality
Nature of informal sexuality education received at home, from whom and within what emotional and psychological atmosphere
Where your sexual information was obtained, attitudes were developed
Teenage sexual practices
Present sexual practices
Your attitude toward sexuality in general and toward yourself as a sexual person
View of you in the future as a sexual person