“The Open Boat”

Use Crane’s “The Open Boat” as your primary source to write a literary analysis. Focus your analysis on the theme or main idea of a work using 3 relevant literary terms illustrated by selected quotations. Follow the following suggestions in organizing this literary analysis:

* Make an original title that reflects your thesis or take on the work.
* Introduce the plot and setting but avoid plot summary. Make your thesis focus on the theme or main idea of the work and consider three main points such as point of view, irony, imagery, etc.
* Use quotations from the short story to illustrate your body paragraphs.
* Be sure to introduce your body paragraphs with topic sentences and introduce quotations using your own words.
* Follow quotations with commentary and interpretation in your own words.
* End body paragraphs with a tie-in to your thesis statement.
* Finish essay with summary/conclusion: Summarize main points and re-state thesis.
* Document primary sources with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited.
* Follow MLA format for both- using author’s last name in Parenthetical Citations (See Sample Parenthetical or In-Text Citations page).
* Cite full source information in a Works Cited Page .(See Sample Works Cited page).