The Storyteller

The Storyteller

Watch Professor Scheub’s video "The Storyteller." Discuss something that you’ve learned about storytellers and/or oral tradition and apply it to one of the works we’ve read in this course (other than The Epic of Son-Jara) that have origins in the oral tradition, or in contrast to a work that has literary origins.

In replying to your classmates’ post discuss how the aspect of oral traditions and storytellers they’ve discussed might relate to The Epic of Son-Jara. Why? If not, why not?

Question 2:
“Maidens, and Minxes, Mothers and Monsters”

"Maidens and Minxes, Mothers and Monsters" is the themed title of this course. Reflect on the title and consider what it has to do with the work we’ve done this term.
For you initial post, select one of the terms from the title ("maidens," "minxes,” “mothers," or “monsters”) and discuss it in terms of Popol Vuh. Compare your claims above to one or two of the other works from the term (compare mother to mothers, or maiden to maidens, etc.)

In responding to your classmates’ posts identify and discuss one of the elements that would indicate the work is a pre-colonial or post-colonial literature example.

Question 3:

Consumer decision making.

Compare and contrast the economic, passive, cognitive, and emotional models of consumer decision-making.
Which model do you feel produces the most powerful decisions and why?