Toward a Sustainable Future

Provide a 4 page paper, with 3 APA References that are verifiable via internet. Please include web addresses. This paper should have an introduction and a conclusion.

Before suggesting public policies and/or laws for environmental concerns in your local area, research another country that has had environmental problems, too, to see if you can learn anything from its problems and implemented solutions.
1. Decide and name which country you want to research. Do Not use the US.
2. Research and then describe some of the environmental problems that country has had.
a. Explain at least 2 of the problems.
b. Explain at least 2 of the causes.
c. Describe some scientific evidence validating the problem.
3. Research and then describe some of the public policies and/or laws that country has imposed to increase sustainability and become better stewards:
a. Describe what policies and/or laws they have implemented to reduce the destruction of their ecosystem(s) by humans.
b. Have there been any problems implementing these policies and/or laws?
i. If so, describe them.
ii. If not, why do you think they have not had problems implementing them?
4. Are there any other policies or laws you would suggest that this country implement to counteract its environmental problems?
5. Why do you think those policies or laws would help?
6. Include APA citations and references for all researched information.
7. Provide Charts, Graphs, Statistics, etc. to support your case
8. Provide evidence to for all your research selection including citations in APA style.