Unit 3 Mini

Project description
Now you need to schedule the project you chose in Unit I. Reread the scenarios from Units I and II. Based on the previous
project information you created, the project priorities you set, and your budget, you will now need to break down your
project into activities. Using an Internet search engine, locate a project scheduling template or
use the Microsoft Project
trial software included with your textbook. Build a WBS and project schedule using the templates or Microsoft Project. You
will need to identify all dependencies and estimate your costs. Assign contingency reserves, and determine
how much reserve your team would estimate for the whole project. Justify and explain your choices and estimates. You may want to
review the WBS section located on pages 108-116 in Chapter 4 of your textbook. Save your assignment as a PDF file.

Unit 1

You may choose a project that you are already involved in or have been involved in through your company or personal life
(examples include projects such as upgrading computer software throughout a company, a construction project, or
planning a wedding).

Unit 2
Using the project you chose from Unit I, complete the following assignment. Use the project scenario you created from
Unit I in order to organize your project.
Use an Internet search engine to search for a project charter template. Using this template as a model, use Microsoft
Word to define the following for your project: the Objective, Constraints, Resources, the Budget, and the Schedule. In
addition, discuss the matrix style you would prefer to use for your project and why this choice is the best. Also include the
communication methods you will use to communicate to the various resources involved in this project. Use Word to create
your scope statement.