United Nations Canada at Work Custom Essay

UNITED NATIONS CANADA AT WORK United Nations Canada at Work Name University Course Instructor Date Abstract This paper will discuss the United Nations in Canada. The UN has been involved in various activities in Canada such as maintenance of the international security and peace, developing of friendly relations among different nations, as well as cooperating internationally in finding solution to the social, economic, humanitarian, and cultural problems as well as promoting good standards of living as well as respect for the human fundamental rights. Indeed, the involvement of Canada in the UN affairs has extremely proved extremely fruitful. Introduction United Nations has been reported to be the only historical multilateral organization that has a membership approaching universality as well as having its agendas encompassing all the various areas of the human activities in the all the regions around the globe. Indeed, it is seen as the marketplace where much of the multilateral diplomacy of the world is conducted, the main mechanism where the various views within the international community are accorded expression, as well as a forum where grievances can be aired and consequently resolved incase the members are inclined.