What aesthetic traits were valued in the Heian Court

What aesthetic traits were valued in the Heian Court

Paper guidelines:
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• 3-5 pages in length, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman font, 12-point font, stapled, with page numbers. (Please note that failing to follow formatting guidelines will result in severe grade penalty)
• No outside sources. Use only your own analytical skills and the text.


  • Do not use outside sources, especially internet sources. Doing so will result in a grade penalty. Just use the primary text. You can also use other assigned readings from the syllabus.
    • Must have a clear thesis or argument in the first paragraph.
    • Papers that just summarize the book will get no higher grade than a C.

    The following are instructions from Paper #1, but apply to this assignment – Paper #2:

    You must have a clear and focused argument to have a successful paper. A paper that just lists random ideas or summarizes the content of the text will not receive a good grade. The argument must then be supported with evidence from the text. Possible paper topics might include:

    What aesthetic traits were valued in the Heian Court?

    How would you characterize gender relationships in The Pillow Book?

    What was the importance of status in this society?