What is the target market for online learning and why?

1. What is the target market for online learning and why?

Target market
Technology is growing at a first pace and the availability of networked computers at the work place and home is equally growing fast. For this reason various institutions and individual have taken advantage of online learning. The online learning offers a chance for building a learning community. This happens in a college, university, industrial or commercial setting while others are usually based on common interests.
One of the major targets of online learning are individuals who are very busy having fixed and rigid schedules which cannot allow class attendance. Such individuals get time to benefit from an information world at their own pace and convenient. Mostly these are professionals or those who are interested in learning but cannot commit themselves fully to a full time learning. A good example is those professionals who want to further their studies and at the same time continue to practice.
The other targets of online learning are those with the same interest like students in colleges and universities. Online discussion groups are created for this purpose. There are also various factors to consider when targeting the market that is to use the online learning, age, marital status, family status, place of residence, occupation, annual income, clubs or organisation and goals and aspirations. The age group matters as it will determine if the individual will be capable of handling materials provider online for learning purposes. Very old people will definitely find it hard to be successfully involved in online learning this is probably due to various factors like eye sight, ability to stay focus on a machine for long and also concentration factor. For very young individuals again it will be a challenge for such group mainly needs a physical teacher to guide them.
The marital status is also a factor that should be considered. For those who are single will find it easy to find quality time at home after work and concentrate without much disturbance from anyone. Those who are married and have children will easily be interrupted when doing their studies. This will mostly come from either their spouse or children who mostly will need their attention; however this does not mean that married people cannot study via the internet. The same factor will occur in regard to the family status. Occupation determines the market target as there are some occupations that will mostly require online learning. When it come to research work or getting opinion from various people from diverse background the internet can be of good use. It is also clear that there are some occupation that are very demanding and requires one to be present at all time, leaving one with very little time to engage in online learning. Such people will find it hard to successfully be involved in online learning.
Annual income equally plays a role for the market target. There are certain group of people who will find it easy to pay of the online learning while others will not. However others may be willing to be involved but their income would not allow. This factor will make those who are willing to save for a while or take a loan before engaging in online learning. Online learning is very flexible and it defiantly has a wide range of market as it cater for the need of the user.